OddSlingers is building fast, secure, poker, and much more...

      OddSlingers is a free, no-rake, online poker platform currently in public beta. We offer play-chips games at the moment (no real money).

OddSlingers was founded out of the desire for a clean, secure, poker experience that just works without needing to install any clunky software.

Our online poker platform works on mobile, tablet, and desktops, and can be used to play against our worldwide userbase without needing to download anything. We support: Texas Hold'Em, Omahah, and 2-7 Bountry (both cash games and tournaments), with more variants on the way!

New users receive 5,000 free chips, and credit cards are not required.

While the site only offers play-chips only currently, we plan to aquire a gaming license and release real-money games on a separate site in the near future. OddSlingers.com chips are not reedemable for real money at any time, and will not transfer over to any future sites we release that offer real-money games.

We have many features coming soon, including video streaming, single-player education modes, and side-betting on games.
See our Whitepaper for more information...

OddSlingers.com works on mobile too!

We're hiring!
Check out our careers page if you're interested in building cool stuff.

Contact support if you encounter a bug, or email us at
[email protected] if you just want to say hi!