OddSlingers is building a new kind of secure
Esports betting platform on a distributed ledger.


          Our mission is to build a secure, distributed-ledger powered Esports betting platform for Poker. The advent of blockchain and distributed ledger tech has made truly trustless payment systems possible for the first time. In this new era, many systemic problems that have plagued the gambling industry can be banished by creating a payment platform and RNG where everyone gets full book-keeping transparency.


OddSlingers is developing a system to support global real-time sidebetting on game streams. The games will run on our servers, verifiably using deck state from a distributed RNG seed, and payments will be processed by our distributed ledger. Using this setup, both the fairness of games and the fairness of the payment network can by verified by everyone.


We're a technical team with decades of experience in data science, app development, and the poker industry. Both founders have been into blockchain tech since 2011, we've built custom blockchain projects previously in Rust and other languages. We've been working on developing this platform for over a year, and plan to see it long into the future to become a fun, secure, platform for anyone to place fair bets on real-time games. We're currently offering play-chip poker in the USA and worldwide while we complete our licensing process.

We value open source, good testing practices, and code quality! We think underneath all the current hype in the cryptocurrency community right now lies an incredibly valuable technology that will revolutionize secure payment platforms for the next generation, especially in sensitive industries like gambling. We've already open-sourced some of our stack, and we're investigating best practices for auditing our smart contracts with third parties.

The Sidebetting Platform

We'll provide a player-to-player wager marketplace, as well as house odds on select games, built into a friendly desktop and mobile-compatible UX on top of the games themselves.

Accredited investors can reserve tokens during our SAFT token pre-sale.

Free, play-chip games are also available on our poker platform already worldwide.

2018 Feature Release Schedule:
- Q1: Play-chip poker worldwide for desktop & mobile
- Q2: Tournament poker
- Q3: Side-betting on poker
- Q4: Gaming license acquisition, real-money games
- 2019+: LoL, DOTA, CS:GO, CoD, Halo, SSB, and more Esports...

The current play-chip poker platform is in BETA, please play some games, collect some badges, have fun, and let us know if you find any bugs!

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